About the house

Barzok House (also known as Rouhani House) is a small but lovely eco-lodge, with 5 nested rooms, giving you the chance to experience the amazement. It has a hall, the main room, with arcs dating back to Safavid period (about 450 years ago). This hall, having high roof, wide space and several traditional closets, has a small but cozy fireplace making it the best place to companion, gaming, dining together, etc. Taking the winding stairs up, you pass an old green wooden door, entering a room with a wooden bars roof and book shelves walls. The window opens to the gardens, mountains and the village. Here you can watch the landscape, take a book, and if in winter, lounge by the traditional cathedra for hours and flow in the words. Upstairs, also there is a cafe with traditional drinks and the purest rosewater and distillates of Barzok. On the rooftops there are seats to sit at the open air and watch the rural architecture and the gardens and the mountains around. If night, you can use your hands to pick the aggregated stars off the closest sky. The other rooms with their traditional architecture will make you feel the calm of the life of historical rural family. In the addition to all the attractions near the house (Barzok attractions, some caves, Niasar village, and Kashan city itself) the economy pricing is a real benefit to choose the house for accommodattion.

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