One night stay at Barzok House will give you the amazement, and it costs only 25$ for each person (including accomodation and breakfast)

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  • Hello. We are a married couple travelling to Iran from Qatar for a holiday and tovisitfriends in Esfahan. We do not have confirmed day for arrival as yet but it will be in April. We ar ehoping to viait the Rose Festival in Shiraz and need to know what date that will be to organise the days. We will be in Iran for two weeks and hope to spend a couple of nights at your lovely hotel that has been recommended to us.
    Can you tell us the best room for us and ifit will be available in April?

    • Dear Joanne
      We are very glad that your friend is pleased with our place.You can book directly in our website (here)
      I recommend the painted room or the upstairs for you
      I will check the best dates for your planning to visit the place and will give you more about it later. For now what I can recommend about the date is to choose an Iranian weekend date (a Thursday daytime, the same night, and Friday daytime again)
      If you made your choice for the dates just let me know and I will book it for you

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